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Food (Dry) stocktaking software designed to allow anyone in  a pub, restaurant, cafe, take-away or club to perform a full food stock take with out the need for a stock taker.


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So what does it allow the user to do?


It allows you to set up all your ingredients and products and price the per portion it matters not if you buy your products by weight or in case quantities, nor whether its kilos or pounds or grams and ounces. In the case of items bought buy weight it automatically converts the cost in ounces (which is still the weight unit used on British menus) if you buy in quantities say jacket potatoes then the portion cost is worked out for you.


Once the products are set up then you can set up your menu meals or items using codes, and from that you will receive selling price suggestions and the GP% they will achieve. These suggestions include VAT which can be change in an instant and all the prices will update. And Should your supplier cost go up then you only have to up date the buying price on one sheet and every menu item is updated instantly! We understand that some items prices change almost daily so there's a sheet to work out and average price for a period.

Home made items can be costed to the recipe and thus a portion cost obtained and again these are up dated automatically every time you change the VAT or the cost price of an item


Once this set up then it is just the case of performing the stock take and you do that by the following means

As you set up your products and menu items you automatically set up your stocktaking sheets. You can then print off count sheets and perform you opening stock count and record it in the sheets.

Next you record purchase - these sheets are set up for you.

Then you enter the recorded sales numbers for each menu item and any waste due to returned meals.

You finally perform a closing stock count and enter any general waste you have from you kitchen waste book and then the food stock take is over and you will get the following printable info

Target GP%

Achieved GP%

GP% by food department, mains, starters, etc.

Sales totals

Cost to plate totals

Waste totals and % to sales and purchases (note on waste we have you record two different types of waste, food returned due to coking issues and food that never left the kitchen as we believe this will help you identify if the waste is due to poor cooking or bad ordering.