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Our price setting and gross profit calculating software is designed to help the busy landlord or bar manager set their bar's prices to the correct gross profit margin and then quickly and easily maintain them.


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The price comes with an automatic rounding feature that allows you to round up or round down all your pubs prices to the nearest 5p or iop instantly.

The pricing software covers the price setting of all your draft, spirits, bottled (both soft and alcoholic), wines including bar in box, Postmix products or if you use bottles of cola and lemonade they are cover as well. Also covers bar nibbles, darts equipment and tobacco products. It shows your target Gross profit (GP%) per product and the average per group plus your over all GP%.

It also has a section that allows you to keep an eye on your closest competition which will amongst other things show you the competitions GP% on their selling price and your cost price - a great aid to any landlord or landlady.

It will also generate a price list for you automatically for you to print off, sign and display within seconds - a great time saver the price list auto updates evry time you alter a price. There is also a guide to the legal requirements of a bar price list. if you not sure what price to charge for a new product then there is a selling price suggester to help.

Once set up for the first time then putting those prices up just takes second you just have to enter the suppliers new cost and the rest is done for you. Now if your want to offer a discount or a drinks promotion there is a sheet that will show you the affects of that price change on your GP% and it allows you to do this either by percentage or a fixed amount - for every product.

Only £3.99 to save your time and keep you bar making the profits you expect - of course you can also continue in the trade tradition of just blindly adding 10p to their prices every year without an idea if your are achieving the correct profit margins.

The pricer will also warn you of low GP% on any products it also comes with an event costing sheet which we show you how much extra revenue you must take to cover the event.