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This allows you to cash up to five tills and handle all the cash on site including your change float and banking. 


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Our till cashing software has been designed to help you handle all of your takings, floats and banking.  Each of the versions allows you to cash your tills with ease and speed. They also allow you to record machine income, card payments, cigarette slips from the vending company, subs to staff, loans to customers, float totals, safe totals and banking totals and much more.

In addition they will tell you in words if your tills are balanced, short or over.  A special feature even alerts you to the possibility that you may have entered the digits of a figure in they wrong way around, which is so often the cause of an unbalanced till.

The software will also warn you if you have to much cash in the safe or if you are taking to much cash to the bank to be covered by your insurance.

The main features of the this till cashing software are:

  • Our system allows you to download your product at the end of the purchase process it also sends an email to you which also contains a download link, a invoice link for you to print an invoice from and a link to a help email address..

    We now accept CREDIT and DEBIT cards or Paypal payments, choose how to pay at the checkout. Downloads are available at the end of the checkout process, no need to wait for your download email - which will also be sent.
  • Cash between one and five tills, set up to five different floats.
  • Tells you if your till is balanced, short or over in words and figures.
  • Special feature alerts you too the possible incorrect entry of a figure.
  • Generates a change order for you.
  • Records sales by department and all totals for the week.
  • Give splits and reports wage budget %'s, machine splits, sales splits.
  • Records cheque and card payments and cash totals for you.
  • Handles all you cash and bank payments for you.
  • Allows you to record subs to staff and cash loans to customers.
  • Record staff's no sales.

Full email support is included.

Please click here to see all of the features of this powerful software or watch this short video (best viewed full screen) on how easy it is to cash your tills using this software.


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