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New to running a pub, bar or club this pub starter pack is design and written with you the new licensee in mind.


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The pack contains A guide on how to run and buy a pub, a cellar management guide, a break even finder, pricing software, Employment contracts for both bar staff and kitchen staff, Stocktaking software (excel based), A line cleaning guide and a Bar Staff Training Manual all with instant download following cleared payment.

The guide to buying and running a pub will explain to you how to find a pub, check it out and buy it. With tips on staffing, open night, boosting trade, saving money and loads more.

The break even finder (excel based) will help you find your pubs break even point and is full of tips on how to increase trade and reduce costs it is a must for anyone starting out in the pub trade.

A stocktaking system is included which we sell on this site for £9.99 alone. You will save hundreds of pounds by just performing your own stock take see our stocktaking in gallons page for more details.

The training manual helps you hit the ground running covering the five main subjects you will have to not only train your staff on but prove that you have done so. areas covered are, serving underage - ID checking, Drugs in pubs, Serving the correct measure understanding the law, preventing and dealing with violence - the stages of getting drunk are also explained and finally A Fire Action Plan which includes a Health and safety Policy statement.

The price setting software (excel based) will allow you to set all your prices correctly, showing you instantly your GP% per line and when it comes to putting them up just enter the new cost to you and your new correct selling price is shown to you. Not only that it automatically generates a new bar price list for you every time you alter a price. Not sure what to set your prices to - don't worry it even comes with a selling price suggester.

Employment contracts are always needed indeed you must supply your employees with one within eight weeks of them starting with you. The employment contract template is simple to edit and can cover every employee you ever take on. Their are guidance notes for you covering the main parts of employment law.

The line cleaning guide will show you how to clean your lines perfectly it will not only tell you how to do it but when to do it.

All the products in this starter pack are on sale individually on this website please read the relevant pages to find out more on the items within this pack.