Module Three Measures SKU: M3MEAS

Bar staff need to understand the importance of measures in the licensed trade and this training manual module will explain the law regarding pub measures and the importance of getting them right.


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The staff will also be shown how to use an optic correctly, glass handling the correct way plus there is guidance on the new mandatory licensing conditions. Plus there are guidance notes for the Designated Premises Supervisor on such things as drink promotions.

  • Info found in this module
  • What are the legal measures
  • What makes a double measure
  • When you need to measure
  • How to use optics correctly
  • Thimble measure Guide
  • Which measures you need to offer first
  • Charging for tap water
  • Cocktails - the law on them
  • Dirty pints
  • Legal Glasses
  • The requirement to top up
  • handling glasses
  • Dirty pints
  • Illegal drink promotions
  • new wine measure
  • Free pouring Alcohol and the law
  • Test page