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Violence in pubs and clubs or any bar is almost always alcohol fueled and this Bar Staff Training Manual Module will help the licensee prove that due diligence has been applied to their working practice. Staff training is now an essential element in any licensed premises working operations.

  • This module on violence in bars covers the following
  • Policy on bullying and violence between staff members
  • The stages of getting drunk explained
  • How to prevent violence
  • How to spot trouble starting
  • What to do if violence breaks out
  • Keeping records
  • When to call the police
  • Banning people
  • What staff should do to catch the trouble makes
  • Your legal duties as an employer
  • Free posters for you to download and print off.
  • Test page for staff
  • Guidance notes for DPS explaining the law

Training your staff is very important sadly though it is often overlooked by landlords who often forget that they have a legal duty to protect both customers and staff whilst they are on their premises. Do you or your staff know the five main stages of getting drunk and the symptoms customers will display at each stage. Knowing these simple stages will help both you and your staff spot potential trouble brewing and allow you to act before things really do get out of hand. Have you ever told your staff what to do if trouble breaks out? If not why not? you have a legal duty too.

If a fight should break out in your bar are your bar staff aware of what they should do? Are you expecting them to step in and try and stop it or have you instructed them to leave well alone.

Lets say a member of bar staff steps into break up a fight and gets glassed in the face for their trouble. Who do you think they might try and sue? (no win no fee at that) well if you have not given them any training or instructions on what to do if a fight breaks out then you are wide open to such a case being brought against you. You have not got the defence of due diligence, which would be that by attempting