Pub Buying Guide SKU: PBG

This guide on how to buy a pub is a must for you.  The guide is over 60 A4 pages long and is instantly downloadable.


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The main features of this guide are as follows;

  • Brewers barrel and it's importance explained.
  • Types and ways to buy a pub or bar explained.
  • How to research your intended purchase, including checking the accounts.
  • How to structure your business - correctly.
  • Important documents explained, and how to obtain them.
  • How to avoid bank charges.
  • Do's and don't's of running a successful pub or bar.
  • Help with stopping fiddles.
  • Line cleaning advice, including when to clean them - and it's not on a Monday!
  • Tips to boast trade.
  • The legal requirements of a Bar price list and menu explained.
  • Obtaining credit. - brewery loans explained.
  • Dealing with drunks and violence, including some vital self defence advice.
  • Dealing with competition.
  • Email support is offered.
    VAT, and how to avoid it; plus choosing the scheme that suits you.
  • Live links to helpful websites.
  • Plus much, much more over 60 pages of must read advice all for £3.99 download it from here today!