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Our fully downloadable cellar management guide will teach you how to keep your beer in tip top condition


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  • From this guide you will learn about;
  • How to keep Real Ale - Stillaged
  • How to keep Real ale - Extraction Rod System
  • How to keep top pressure products
  • The parts of a cask
  • The cellar cooling system
  • Cellar gas
  • Ullage
  • Changing a barrel or keg
  • Fruit Fly Infestation - prevention
  • How to change empty Bag-in Box products
  • Top pressure products fault finding guide
  • Real Ale fault finding guide
  • Cellar services call out numbers
  • Who's your lead brewer
  • The equipment your beer will flow through
  • The correct cellar temperature

If you don't know your Spile from your Shive or your Keystone from your still you will by the time you have read this guide. Pages upon pages of how to manage your bars cellar with illustrations to show you as well as tell you. Know your pod from your remote. We recommend that you download this guide, print it off, laminate it and keep it in a file or folder in your cellar or office (why not both).

Comes complete with a dispense fault finding guide with possible causes and the remedies available for both cask and keg beers and lagers. It explains who your lead brewer is and supplies the major cellar services contact numbers, if you have a fault it is vital you call out the right brewer.