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This software allows the licensed trade to set all their bars' prices to the correct G.P.% and they can change the VAT rate on all products with just one click. It will also automatically generate a bar price list for you to print off and use which is updated every time you change your prices. It also, if used correctly, generates and maintains a wine list for you to print off.


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Changing and maintaining your bar prices will never be easier and a job that could take your hours will be reduced to just minutes, no stress just good solid business practice. Ask yourself this question before you buy - do you actually know what your gross profit percentage per product Is? With this simple but effective program you will know within seconds.

Comes with G.P.% suggester to help you set a price for new products, wage budgeter to help you work out and set your payroll budget and event costing software which tells you how much extra you have to take over the bar to cover the extra expense of events such as live music, quizzes and many more. You will be surprised at how much extra in takings you need just to stand still.

  • Products covered
  • All draft beers etc
  • All soft's in bottles
  • All Alcoholic bottles - Bud etc
  • All spirits 35ml or 25ml measures and doubles of each
  • Wines in 750 1000 1500 ml bottles, BIB 3 liters & 10 liters.
  • Post mix products
  • Bar snacks
  • Tobacco Products
  • Darts equipment

Post mix includes 16oz measures if used.

Wine price list also generated. If you need to change your prices because of supplier rises but still maintain the correct margins then all's you have to do is enter the new cost to you and it is done for you, in an instant and the printable price list is updated for you.

Need to change the VAT rate then just click one cell enter the new rate and all the prices are updated for you in an instant.

Check you have the correct profit margins and adjust your prices in seconds to the correct margins the most vital part of your business is achieving the correct G.P.% and maintaining them.