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Perform a full wet stock take using gallons and tenths easy to use and come with free upgrades for life and email support, instant download straight after cleared payment handled by our fully automated system which works 24/7, even whilst we sleep


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Competitively priced at just £9.99 it will save you £100's over the course of just one year and with the flexibility to carry out a full stock take whenever you desire it will save you time and help reduce stock shortages.

 You only need excel to run it and it even comes with tips on how to count stock.

  • Easy to use and install and with free email support.
  • Full and powerful reports on daily sales, stock holding, G.P.% reports both on target and achieved gross profit.
  • Will suggest order quantities for you.
  • Alerts for dead stock, wrong counts and over ordering.
  • Fully itemized stock reports are possible with correct till reports
  • Tips on how to count stock such as part kegs, part bottles and part used bag in box products using weight.
  • Allows you perform stock checks as often as you like and whenever you like.

Designed to be adapted to your way of doing things, unlike other stocktaking programs that may require you too adapt your way of doing things too them.

You need no formal training as a stock taker to be able to use any of our stocktaking programs, we promise that they are all easy to both set up and use, though if your a complete novice then we do recommend our full version, which is a very powerful stocktaking program and very simple to set up. It is full of features to help you run you pub more efficiently and in includes a sheet for calculating post mix ratios.

With the average price of a full stock take coming in at around the £120 mark this stocktaking software truly is value for money and has a proven success rate of 100% all for just £9.99 for the basic program which is downloadable today. Why not buy it today and run it along side your normal stock takers stock take and see how it compares, we guarantee you will be delighted and saving money within weeks.